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Engagement, collaboration and self-management

Robbyson is a People Management platform that uses data science, Machine Learning and gamification to engage, reward and challenge employees, of any industry, in their activities.


Here, everyone can be in first place

Collaboration is the theme of the decade for businesses. Robbyson encourages information sharing and collaboration between people in a playful way: everyone wins when helping each other with tips to improve performance. Assertiveness grows and dispersion decreases.


Robbyson the best currency is ideas

Inspired by some of the gamification concepts, the platform uses avatars, levels (according to the performance), coins gain (exchange of coins) and items in Exchange Center showing the collaborator achievements.


How effective are your internal strategies?

Can you measure the impact of your internal incentives? Robbyson helps the manager to use the resources intelligently to increase the campaigns results and achieve a greater return on investment.


And how can Robbyson impact my business' day-to-day?

For the manager


For the contributor


And what's the secret?

Machine Learning

Data analytics generates precious information about the team, the performance of each employee, the operation, the business and the industry.

Artificial intelligence

The system estimates, recommends and automatically predicts improvements in employees’ performance and assists managers in making decisions.


Employees use the platform as if they were participating in a game — a game in which everyone wins.

Gains from 32% in productivity

Bremerson Gois

We had talked a lot about digital transformation and we saw it come up with Robbyson. With the tool we can evolve in various operational pillars at once. When we talk about enhancing our human capital, we talk about Robbyson.

Bremerson GoisCustomer Service Executive of AeCHe leads a team of more than 3 thousand employees in telephony, TV and Internet customer service.

Jackson Bruno Almeida, Director of Customer Service of AeC

The digital revolution has arrived! And it has come to change relationships, businesses, products and the whole journey of consumer experience. Leaders of yesterday cannot be the same as the leaders of today. Professionals of yesterday must connect with the future and, with Robbyson, we are innovating the process of people management with full autonomy, information, forecasts and, above all, recognition of our professionals.

Jackson Bruno Almeida, Director of Customer Service of AeCDirector of Customer Service of AeLeader of a team with more than 1,500 employees in charge of customer service in the retail, financial, construction, automobile and health sectors

Warney Araújo

Our meritocracy programs, climate management and indicators were totally redesigned and simplified since Robbyson became part of our routine. The transformative potential of this platform is amazing and we do not know how to live without it.

Warney AraújoDirector of Personnel of AeCCompany with more than 22 thousand employees.

Everything to simplify your day to day


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